Anonymous said: your fav childhood memory?


Not paying bills

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same view, different evenings

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Village of the damned, how may I help you?

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in the flesh  


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Trying my hand at some non-secret commissions!

  • Full upfront payment and only through paypal.
  • I’ll send you a sketch which you can approve or ask for a few (minor) revisions, then I will start working on the final version.
  • No real people, but with maybe a few exceptions like actors and such. Gore, nudity and ‘soft’ sexual themes are a-okay!
  • Prices for two characters are for them interacting. Two separate characters will be counted as two separate commissions.
  • You can get the original drawing for an additional £5, no matter where you live. If you want that, make sure to tell me in advance so that I draw it traditionally!
  • For private use only! Print it for yourself, share with friends, but don’t make money out of it.
  • If you’re interested, email me your ideas (characters, colours, themes) and references (pictures or descriptions) at tweedosaurus @ (not tumblr ask or fanmail)

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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but it’s like
100% girls r hot
an 23% boys r hot

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yah tho  


소이 반하이 숏팬츠 (핑크)


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fashion   pls  
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sherlock   OH GOD WHY  


Swear to god, some guys are terrified that girls are faking common interests to impress them and act really hostile towards anyone they even SUSPECT of doing such a thing

but then they turn around and fake a whole friendship in the hopes of getting sex out of girls, and get mad at them when it doesn’t work

and they super do not see the irony in that

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game teaser trailer (x)

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Charles Cave

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